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GREENLINES: Guidelines for sustainable project management

The project GREENLINES aims to empower individuals and entities involved in different project management processes to increase the environmental sustainability of their projects by providing universally applicable guidelines. The European youth work sector will be greened by illustrating the importance and urgency, as well as the practicability and benefits of developing greener activities. We can and we will use our roles as multipliers to foster sustainable thinking and acting.


We will research the needs and difficulties of project managers, explore already existing sustainable best practice examples, practical tools and facts about sustainable practices and turn them into tangible and universally applicable guidelines in legible, audible and visual formats. A training course, webinars, local workshops with fairs of good practices and an awareness-raising bike trip will inspire, connect and ensure the use of our outcomes.


We expect to produce a tangible and universally applicable Guide meeting the needs of especially project managers involved in European youth work. It will be freely available as a document, podcast & video series and lead to far-reaching improvements in the overall sustainability of the youth work sector. The implementation of the study visit, local workshops and bike trip will create stronger bonds between participating organisations and local stakeholders, initiatives, companies and suppliers.