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Recently a new challenge emerged, calling for high-quality solutions, related to the dramatic increase in the number of refugees and migrants travelling to the continent with more than a million new arrivals. This unprecedented inflow of people, many of whom are vulnerable individuals seeking international protection, presents a challenge across Europe not only in terms of their immediate reception, but also with regard to their long-term integration into society. One of the means for inclusion is preparing these groups for the labour market.

The online mentoring services will be based on a commonly agreed mentoring methodology, reflecting existing knowledge base on academic and youth work levels. Targets groups will improve their preparedness to join the labour market through numerous activities – blended mobility involving virtual meetups and online mentoring platform. Youth workers within the partnership will improve their skills in delivering mentoring to young people at risks though organisation and conduct of a Joint Staff Training. The self-sustainable design of the platform envisages the involvement of those who were mentored as being mentors on their own.

Project activities:

  • Set-up of a project team, development of a detailed project plan and tasks distribution;
  • Launch of social media campaign to disseminate information and promote the project;
  • Conduct focus groups to tailor project mentoring programme to the specific expectations;
  • Develop a mentoring platform tailored to the specific needs of young migrants and young people with special needs, NEETS and other vulnerable groups;
  • Conduct virtual Meetups with the participation of the target groups;
  • Joint Staff Training;
  • Blended mobility;
  • Dissemination activities – numerous multiplier events (info days; final conference).

Project target groups:

  • Young migrants
  • Young people with special needs
  • NEETs
  • Young people with fewer opportunities, including disadvantaged youngsters
  • Youth workers, working with these vulnerable groups